Hades' Pitch  by Rita DoveThe poem seems to be (seemingly) about a man sweet talking a woman into disere. The first four lines consist of him whispering a  seductive offer of caressing her ankles. I feel that this may be a fetish for him but i feel it goes beyond that. One belief practiced today in modern reflexology as well as way back when is that the area mentioned in the ankles is a pressure point to stimulate the reproductive system. The next lines consist of the woman's contemplation of what response she should give.The term  words that went straight to the liver  most likely have a connection with disere and passion because Many used to believe that your passions came from your liver. At this point its no mystery the guy is adept at sweet talking. The next lines show that this isn't love but lust and how she only feels how she does due to being stuck a very dreary place with gargoyles and banners with flickering lights. Her ankle burning means that is dying for attention but not necessarily burning (of course). Now I feel the fourth and third last stanza is symbolizing her judgement failing her and deciding to give in. It may also have some connection towards a religion and how she may be going against it by giving in to fornication outside marriage. She is  bereft in an instant  losing all control but this might have a double meaning because bereft may also mean to lack something wanted or expected. the line  the Great Man drives home his disere  is the man simply getting to work.- Kevin Arora

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