Talk about a sense of 'entitlement'.I've been a mobile dpeoleevr for a lot longer than Apple has been in this game and it's not like there isn't a precedent for this. Native apps have been competing against J2ME apps on both Symbian and Blackberry for years. Often I can't even tell for sure which is which and I know most users won't.There will be apps which make more sense to go native: ultimate performance, access to the newest apis etc. Native will always rule in these cases.But for certain classes of application, which don't need the performance, or the APIs which Adobe haven't yet made available to actionscript - these could be more quickly, cheaply, safely, and dare I say more creatively developed in a managed environment like Flash. If a user can't tell what tech was used to create an app then who cares? I don't think Apple will.They still have their stranglehold on the marketplace. Everything goes through their app store. 30% of a Flash app is the same as 30% of something built in xcode.Apple doesn't need to worry about the volume of apps hitting the store, that's more dpeoleevrs paying more cash to join the program. They can just hire more reviewers. Users needn't fear the rubbish - the design of the store ensures that the cream rises to the top.The best iPhone devs have an amazing future ahead - creating the best cutting-edge experiences with the best mobile tech on the market.Everyone else, who are currently milking their corralled herd of premium customers better watch out. The walls are coming down.

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